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When I retired from working in the NHS I wanted a hobby that would keep me busy and enrich my life, and having been a cat lover all my life, cats seemed to be the answer. As a much younger person I had kept Siamese cats as pets, and so it was to Siamese that I turned, but they had changed so much over the years, that they were not the cats I remembered, so I researched to find the new “cat of my dreams”. I saw an advertisement for Tonkinese kittens in the veterinary surgery that I used, and followed it up. I happily met up with my now great friend and colleague Pauline Mason who kindly let me buy my first two Tonkinese kittens named Bella & Fizz. Pauline has been a great support to me and we have become firm friends and breeders together. My husband Fred is also a great support, but his self employed job takes him away quite often so it is wonderful to have such an all absorbing hobby.

The problem with “Tonks”, is that they are addictive and as they come in such a wide variety of colours one can always wish for one more of this colour or that colour and this is how I have managed to grow my “Tonk” family to 12. These 12 cats are the most beautiful and loving cats one could wish for and here on my website I hope to show you how beautiful they are. However, by the time this website is set up, there may be 13 or 14, who knows? They are renowned for having the most loving temperament and they just love humans. They are the proverbial "lap cat". They also get on very well with children, and all other domestic animals. I socialise my kittens by letting my grandchildren play with them, and by introducing them to my dog and all other domestic pets. They also get used to the washing machine noise, the tumble dryer, vacuum cleaner and TV.

I consider myself very privileged to have been allowed to purchase my own stud cat from another breeder named Lydia Lines who trusted me enough to let me have Theo. He is a magnificent boy with a very gentle and loving nature and he manages to sire fabulous kittens. Lydia also let me purchase Zoe and both of these wonderful Toshiki cats have been judged good enough for the title of Champion. I will always be grateful to Lydia and Pauline for their trust and their friendship.

Pauline kindly lets me use her brown stud Tugan, with my girls who have been fathered by Theo, and Coral & Vince Macey live near to me with their stud Fecheldee Harry so I am lucky enough to be able to produce almost all of the colours that are available.

About Tonkinese Cats

A Tonkinese cat (or Tonk’ as it is colloquially known) is commonly described as elegant, stylish, active and intelligent, with a lithe expressive body. Its beautiful head is a medium wedge with large, shapely ears and limpid, almost almond shaped eyes in sparkling aquamarine. Its short fur is like shot-silk. This is a cat shaped-cat with real style and presence.

The Tonkinese appear in a sublime range of colours sand patterns, brown, blue, chocolate, lilac ( these equate with the USA’s natural, blue, champagne and platinum) plus also available are caramel, red, cream and apricot. In addition there are tabbies and tortoiseshells in all of these possible colour variations. Its average life span falls between 12 and 18 years, but even more in some exceptional cases.

Unlike the Siamese, the coat pattern of a Tonkinese should flow gentle from the darker points, to the body base coat colour, without any shape lines or contrasts. The feet are small and oval, and the legs are slim but muscular. The Tonkinese always feels much heavier than it looks because it has a strong muscled body. The tail is carried erect when the cat is happy and playing, it will reach to the nape of the neck when laid back across the body. The ears are large and slightly rounded at the tip, and between the ears the head is slightly domed. There are three coat patterns in the breed, the Tonkinese coat pattern as just described, the solid coat pattern which resembles that of the Burmese and the pointed coat pattern which resembles the Siamese with its distinct colour changes. The latter two are not yet recognised by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy, but representation from the Tonkinese Breed Club and The Tonkinese Cat Club hope to amend this in the coming years so all Tonkinese can appear on the Show benches.

Tonkinese are affectionate, intelligent, gregarious cats, with colourful lively personalities which makes them ideal companions. Each individual Tonk will display unique qualities of inquisitiveness, inventiveness and playfulness and these are such endearing characteristics that ensure every Tonks has a place as a true family member. Besides relating to humans very well, they develop strong bonds with their own kind, with children and other household pets.

However a single cat household is a very lonely place for any cat, especially so for a Tonkinese. To ensure lasting happiness and well-being, it is advisable for owners to provide other feline or canine company. Most Tonks are very happy to remain indoors as “indoor cats”, but if you would like to cat proof your outside areas, your cat will be very happy to be in your garden. As they are so friendly to humans, a Tonk left to roam will be spirited away, or find itself being driven away, after it has settled itself in someone’s car for a sleep.

These delightful cats are natural born acrobats and are often found riding around on the shoulder of their besotted owner. Their interaction with humans and the playing of games demonstrated their acrobatic skills to the best.