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The SOKOKE cats get their name from the ARABUKO SOKOKE RAIN FOREST at Watamu, Kenya, very near to Mombassa. The local tribe called the cats Kadzonzo which means “looks like tree bark”, because of the distinctive ring patterns on the sides of the cats. This unique pattern has been naturally developed and is now being preserved by human intervention. The cats are almost extinct now in the wild.

When Jeni Slater found a litter of these domestic type cats in her garden on her coconut plantation she realised they were unusual so she took a pair from the litter and with the help of her staff she hand reared them. As the kitten grew they remained very different from other moggies. Jeni invited a Danish friend Gloria Moeldrup to see the cats and she also fell in love with these delightful babies. She decided to take a pair to Europe and then she imported 3 more SOKOKES.

Sokoke Cat PhotoSokoke Cat Photo

The cats were first shown in Copenhagen in 1984 and in 1985; the first pair Jenny and Mzuri had their first litter. In 1992 the Sokoke were presented to FIFe, who examined 19 cats in five generations, and the breed was fully recognised by them in 1993. These cats have recently gained registration status with TICA.

There are several breeders now in Europe and a few cats in UK, USA and Canada. In 2001 a further breeding colony was found in Kenya by Jeannie Knockers. These cats were examined by the FIFe judges in Europe and declared to be characteristic of the breed so in 2002 two of these cats Genet and Mara were taken to Sweden where they have provided much needed new blood to the breed.

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